5 Terry Towelling Polishing Cloths


Pack of 5 Terry Towelling polishing cloths, perfect for buffing off Odie’s Oil and polishing wooden furniture and floors etc.

The average size of each towel is 36×18″ and the pack weight varies between 1.3 and 1.6kg (please note towel sizes will vary and some are cut down larger towels, we ensure you get a good value pack) for most woodworking projects you will probably cut these in half or even quarters. For example half of one towel is more than sufficient for buffing off Odie’s Oil from a large kitchen or dining table project… both sides!
Terry Towelling is low lint, 100% cotton and has high absorbency with a deep nap which makes it ideal for buffing off the excess Odie’s wood treatments to give the perfect finish. No other fabric has the same qualities.
These towels are mostly recycled from the hospitality industry, they are clean and ready to use.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg

£6.75 excl. vat