New to Odies? 

Odie’s Oils and Waxes have been developed to suit a vast array of woodworking projects, application techniques and desired results, experienced users will have a range of products at their disposal and will have developed processes to achieve the finish they require. Odie’s is also amazing on concrete, slate, steel, leather and resin etc. Perfect for makers working with multiple materials. 

Odie’s Universal Oil is an incredibly versatile and easy to use treatment and is the ‘go to’ for many projects and definitely the best place to start, equipment is minimal requiring only a white non-abrasive pad to apply and a terry (bath) towel to buff off, it really is that simple. 

Perfect results can be achieved with a single application, multiple applications are usually only necessary where additional protection is required and should be done at 24hr intervals.

Odie’s Super Penetrating Oil is a thinner version of the Universal Oil making it easier to apply to difficult or course surfaces, it also acts as a stabiliser and comes in a larger jar for bigger projects. SPO has also become popular as an initial application or first treatment for projects requiring extra protection followed by Oil, Butter or Wax to achieve the desired finish. 

Odie’s Wood Butter is a soft wax and can be used on its own or following Universal Oil or SPO building protection lustre and sheen with applications 24 hrs apart. The coverage is considerable and very little is needed for perfect results.

Odie’s Wax is a hard wax finish and often favoured by traditional furniture makers and restorers and offers the lowest colour change of any wood finish. It can be used on its own or as part of a finishing process building lustre, shine and protection. 

Odie’s Dark Oil, Butter and Wax contain natural oxidizing oils that darken wood not only when applied, but also as wood ages and will also add contrast and patina with age. Use alone or together with other Odie’s products to add polish and sheen

Odie’s Dark Oil creates incredible contrast. Blacks pop with these products. Use to not only darken any wood when applied, but to also naturally darken wood with age. Great for mahogany, walnut and ebony. It will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and beautiful.

The dark depth and rich patina are such that results cannot be duplicated with a stain.

Odies OXI Oil darkens wood as it ages and also adds contrast and patina. Use alone or combine with other Odie’s Oil Finish products to add polish and sheen.

Odie’s OXI Oil creates incredible contrast. It makes blacks pop! Use it to darken any wood naturally with age. Great for mahogany and other darker woods it will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful!

The results are not instantaneous, but over time, the vintage look, dark depth and rich patina are such that results cannot be duplicated with stain.

Examples of Odie's Oil Applications