Odie's Story

Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oils and Waxes

Manufactured in the USA since 1982. Unhappy with the look of conventional wood finishes and the risk of exposure to the chemicals and toxins provided by the finish and chemical products industries, the founder, James Tinghitella set out to develop a safer alternative to the mainstream offerings. Originally developed for natural wood flooring it soon became apparent that Odie’s Oil was perfect for all wood projects from flooring to toy makers.

Odies Oil is brought to the UK exclusively by Conkers Wood and Metal Crafts Ltd.

Odie’s Oil is a non-toxic, food safe, one coat, naturally effective, interior and exterior wood finish and stabiliser. 

Outstanding coverage, 20 Times the area of conventional wood finishes!

Ideal for all types of wood workers, furniture makers, crafters and turners. 

Odie’s Oil Utilises the Discipline of Biomimicry

Odie’s Oil uses the finest oils and waxes produced by nature to protect your wood surfaces. These oils and waxes have evolved in nature to protect plants from the constant bombardment of the elements, insects, fungi and other bio-organisms. The oils and waxes in Odie’s Oil are at home in wood because wood is where they originally evolved. Odie’s Oil is the most natural and effective way to finish a wood surface by bringing you the best of nature, today’s technology, and the time-tested knowledge of the ancient masters

This single amazing finish can be used anywhere and is so easy to apply that almost anyone can use it with success. It is not complicated to use. Wipe it on and buff it off, it’s as easy as that!

What is applied to the wood is what stays in the wood. The wood surface and pores are completely saturated with the oils and waxes in Odie’s Oil so there is no room for unwanted water, moisture or stains from wine, oil, grease, juice, saliva and sweat etc.

Odie’s Oil contains no solvents, so almost nothing evaporates from the application during the drying process. Additional coats can be applied depending on wood species and desired visual effect. We like to encourage our customers to experiment with application.

Odie’s finishes can be retouched as required without the need for a full strip back.

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