D-limonene Natural Solvent


D-limonene is a naturally occurring food grade solvent extracted mainly in the skin of certain plants and fruits, including lemons and oranges. It is used for cleaning and preparing surfaces prior to finishing and as a thinner, glue remover and degreaser. It is a safer alternative to chemically produced spirits and solvents.

D-limonene is ideal for the preparation of all material surfaces prior the application of Odie’s products. It can be used to dilute Odie’s finishes, creating a solvent based high penetrating finish as well as producing solvent based stains when mixed with oils and Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours.

NB. D-limonene applied to skin may cause irritation, but otherwise is safe for human uses. It is flammable as a liquid or vapour and is toxic to aquatic life.

500ml bottle.

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