Odie’s Wood Butter and Mr Cornwall’s Super Duper Light Oil Bundle


Odie’s Wood Butter is great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods, it will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful. It contains natural UV inhibitors – sunscreen for your wood!

Suitable for all interior and exterior wood, boats, bright work, doors, floors, decks, gates, fine furniture, patio furniture, bowls, cutting boards, kitchen implements and toys, the list is endless.

Super Duper Light Oil is a multi-surface treatment for wood, concrete, stone, metal and much more which is intended for interior or exterior use on projects large and small, providing an easy to use Danish Oil type product but with the strength, durability and safety you have come to expect from an Odie’s Oil product.

It provides great protection for all unfinished wood surfaces including fine furniture, tables, decks, floors and doors etc.

Supplied in an easy to use thin formulation and application couldn’t be simpler, just wipe on with a non-abrasive pad, alternatively on large areas spray, roll, or brush on and simply wipe off straight away. Multiple applications can be applied 24hrs apart to build protection and the desired finish.

It works extremely well with Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours, just add the Mr. Cornwall’s mineral pigment directly into the bottle or a smaller quantity, then shake or stir frequently to maintain an even distribution.

Either of these products can be used as a standalone finish or apply Odie’s Butter as a second application over Super Duper Light Oil to add protection and lustre.

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Supplied in 2x 250g 9 oz jars.

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