Odie’s Super Penetrating Oil


Odie’s Solvent free Super Penetrating Oil

An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, extraordinary finish and stabilizer which is effectively a thinner version of Odie’s Oil. It is an easy to apply formulation for difficult, uneven, large areas or rough surfaces.

It can be used on wood, stone, concrete, clay, slate, brick, metal, plastic and leather. It waterproofs, rustproofs, rejuvenates, restores, beautifies, seals and protects.

Easy to spray, brush, wipe or roll on application.

Supplied in 900g 32 oz. jars.

Application tips:

  • Stir well to agitate all contents
  • Do not dilute
  • Calculate how much to use, no need to over apply
  • Work into the surface using a zero grit Scotch-Brite type pad
  • Wait for around one hour
  • Buff off with a cotton cloth
  • Wait up to 48 hours and apply Odie’s Oil for ultimate protection

Download the free Odie’s Oil Application Guide

Additional information

Weight1.4 kg

£151.73 excl. vat