Odie’s Dark Oil Starter kit


A jar of the amazing Odies Dark Oil, 5 white non-woven, non-abrasive applicator pads for Buffing On and 5 (32×18 approx.) terry towels for Buffing Off. This starter kit gives you everything you need to get started and to treat dozens of projects. Odies Oil goes a long way and this kit gives enough product to treat several large tables and loads of smaller projects and it’s so easy to use.

The 5 non-woven, non-abrasive pads are essential to correctly apply Odies Oils and Waxes, they do not scratch and are perfect for massaging Odies deep into the surface of your wood. Best used cut into 4 smaller pieces.

The 5 terry towels will give you plenty of buffing off material, the low lint, high absorbency of cotton terry cloth nap is ideal for removing the excess Odies from your woodwork and buffing to a perfect finish.

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Weight1.95 kg

£66.15 excl. vat