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Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oils and Waxes

Amazing non-toxic, food safe, one coat, naturally effective, easy to apply wood finishes and stabilisers.

Odie’s Oil covers 20x the area of conventional wood finishes!

Odie’s Oil is the most natural and effective way to finish a wood surface by bringing you the best of nature, today’s technology, and the time-tested knowledge of the ancient masters.

No solvents, evaporants or hardeners and no unpleasant odours.

Easy to apply; simply wipe it on and buff it off……No PPE required.

A little Odie’s Oil goes a long way and can be used on all wood surfaces, interior and exterior.

Odie’s Oil resists stains, moisture, and water as well as wine, oil, grease, saliva, and juice etc.

Virtually no maintenance required and easy to repair.

Odie’s Oils stands up to the competition and wins!

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